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Every month, we have a special newsletter just for you!  First, ask your parent's permission and then click on the link and print out your very own newsletter to keep for yourself or give to your friends.

Below are some sites that you might want to check out.  Please be sure to ask your parents first!

  • Big Idea Fun - It's a fun, safe place for kids to interact with all the Big Idea characters you love.  You will find games on the site that even the littlest mouse clicker can play, plus some more elaborate games that you older kids will love. We've got activities that can be printed out for some offline, parent-assisted fun, and our interactive stories make a great "read together" activity!
  • Kid Explorers - Adventures in the rainforest! Learn about the Creator of the universe by exploring His marvelous creation. Includes games, activities, stories, answers to questions, color pages, and more!
  • Kids Answers - This site shows free kid-friendly Christian movies, as well as features a new animal every week, and provides coloring sheets and activity pages.
  • Kids of Courage - Kids of Courage materials convey the struggles endured by persecuted Christians without including graphic descriptions or photos, or age-inappropriate concepts. Nevertheless, parents and teachers are encouraged to preview the materials before sharing them with their own children, as they know their children best.
  • PBS Kids - Come here to play games, watch shows, and more!
  • We Make Stories - This is a world full of stories where YOU are the Storymaker and can choose all sorts of ways to tell your tale. Here you can create your own story, share it with friends and visit the gallery to see what other Storymakers have made.
  • Whit's End - Want to increase your imagination and listen to inspiring adventures that are flat-out fun? These fictional, character-building dramas teach lasting truths.
  • Wonderzone - The Wonderzone is the location where you can come to find out more about God's Word and how it applies to your life, as well as play games, have your opinions heard, and interact with specially trained adult "TrailGuides" who will help you from God's Word in a personal yet non-threatening way.
  • Wycliffe Kidsweb - This is a place where globally-minded, Bible-loving kids stretch their minds and hearts to learn about languages, cultures, and modern-day Bible translation. Decode messages, solve puzzles, exercise your memory, create artwork, conquer mazes and do much more.
  • ZuiTube - This site gives access to fun, exciting, entertaining and educational videos in a safe place. With ZuiTube, you can enjoy yourself without mom and dad worrying.