WIN - Women's Inspirational Network

(Online Community Group)

WIN - is short for Women's Inspirational Network. It was started in February of 1994 by Carolyn McKnight. The purpose of WIN is to reach out in love to women around us and among us. Some need a personal relationship with the Savior and others need encouragement, friendship, a listening ear and help in their roles as wives and mothers.

At WIN, we open in prayer, have announcements of upcoming events, and either have a speaker, video, or personal testimony... and then conclude with a craft and light refreshments.

Next Event : Tuesday, January 25th!



SPEAKER: Cyndi Derr will give her personal testimony and share with us why she feels God has called her to leave the Lehigh Valley and head to Europe. Cyndi has never gone away on a trip alone so she's letting God take her completely out of her comfort zone to follow His will for her life. Cyndi will be covering the fruit of the spirit "JOY".

SPECIAL MUSIC: Evelyn Stewart will share from her heart by singing us a song. Evelyn is a member of First Baptist Church.

SKIT: Ben Orr and Rebekah Zimmerman will perform a short skit on "JOY".

AUCTION: We are looking for donated items/baskets/gift cards for our annual auction. All proceeds go to the womens retreat fund to help off-set the costs of the retreat. If you can help by donating an item, please contact Michelle Orr. Tickets will be $1.00 each, 7 tickets for $5.00, or 15 tickets for $10.00. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Michelle. Items should be new or lightly used. MISSIONS: Cyndi Derr will have a basket on her table. Her tickets for her winter theme basket will be $2.00 each and all proceeds from her basket will help fund her mission trip. Please sign up in the church lobby or contact Michelle Orr .

"God is always trying to give good things to us, but our hands are too full to receive them." - Augustine

First Baptist Church - 1808 N. 19th St. - Allentown PA 18104